■ Name: Eskamina ‘Karmin’ Vulnera
■ Species: Vampire
■ Age: 712 (Physically 17/18)
■ Danger Level: 9
■ Took On The Appearance Of:  Nina Dobrev

The Truth Behind The Myth

     Eskarmina Vulnera is directly related to the first of the vampire hunters. She was trained at a very young age to follow her father in his career path, she was going to be the first female to ever take on the profession.

     When Karmin was 17, her house was set on fire by a group of arsonistic, revenge driven vampires. Her family had recently taken out the group leader’s lover, so he wanted to get them back. Karmin was the only to escape. She was badly burnt and near death. She was dragged to safety by the leader of the vampire group, Leyton, planning on using her blood as a meal for his family and friends. He had a better idea. With all the hate for what her family did to him, he wanted to get back at them, and even though he had already killed them, it wasn’t good enough. Leyton turned Eskarmina into something that he knew would make the young girl hate herself.

     He turned her.

     Even though he extinguished her want to hunt and slay vampires, he lit a hatred inside of her, a hatred for an individual man. Karmin’s only goal in her long life was to kill the thing that made her the opposite of what she wanted to be.


■ Ambitious
■ Quick-Witted
■ Hard-Working
■ Cunning
■ Holds Grudges
■ Unpredictable

This character is taken.

■ NameSvori Son of Svior
■ Species: Dwarf
■ Age: 60
■ Danger Level: 8
■ Took On The Appearance Of:  Aidan Turner

The Truth Behind The Myth

Svori’s story doesn’t start with him. It starts a hundred years ago with his grandfather, Sirion: King of the Dwarf Mountains. His empire stretched from one end of the mountain range to the other, his royal city located underneath the tallest mountain in his empire. However, that all changed one day. Several dragons attacked the mountain range, called to by the dwarves large amounts of gold. The empire was destroyed and unhappy subjects overthrew their king. Sirion was burned on the right side of his face, in an effective and permanent state of shock. The subjects announced a new, deceptive king and had all of Sirion’s sons killed, except Svior for his wife was barren.

However, forty years later, Svior’s wife found herself with child by a miracle. She did pay for this miracle, however, with her life. She died soon after giving birth to her child. This small child was Svori. Upon the discovery of Svori’s birth, the new king planned an attack. Svior worked in the mines as most dwarves did and had several workers paid well to push him off one of the ledges into a cavern. Svori was only two.

From then on, Svori was raised by his grandparents. His grandmother, Brunhilda, was a calm woman of few words, who was still well respected among the other dwarves still. She taught Svori how to fight as well as how to fend for himself. Svori learned how to cook and sew in case he ever found himself in need without his grandmother. She prepared him for the world as both his mother and father and grandmother, teaching him all the ways of the dwarves.

However, Sirion, his grandfather, had…lost his wits. The once King’s shock grew into a madness. Their home was always protected with barricades and other weapons to protect from a dragon attack. He spouted nonsensical rhymes and lost care of his beard and hair. He looked and talked the part of the madman. At first, Svori hated to be near his grandfather. But his grandmother always saw the glimmer of the man she loved in his eyes. She would often advise Svori, “Listen to his words carefully. You may yet find a King’s speech in your grandfather’s riddles.” And, slowly, Svori began to understand his grandfather and appreciate him more.

It was soon that Svori was old enough to work in the mines. His grandfather tried to keep him from going, but Svori managed to work his way past him. That day, Svori almost found himself falling down the cavern that took his father’s life. He returned with his wages and a heavy heart knowing that he knew his destiny was to either die or reclaim the throne as King of the Dwarf Mountains. So he took one of his grandfather’s riddles, “Choose a road less taken and you may reach a quicker destiny.” He would travel out the mountains until he had found enough support to reclaim his throne or die trying rather than die in the mines. Along the way, looking for dwarves that would sympathize with him and join his cause, he came across Camp Argent. Still very young, with barely a beard growing, he chose to stay until he had learned all he could from there.


■ Loyal
■ Skilled
■ Determined
■ Prideful
■ Distrusting
■ Gruff

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Counselors are ordering that Campers stay inside their cabins throughout the night. Anyone found out and about at these late hours will receive discipline — assuming they don’t run into one of our furry companions first.

All Lycanthrope beings are ordered to report to the Mess Hall at once where further instruction shall be given by our very own Werewolf; Katrina Moore. Failure to show up will result in being removed from Camp Argent effective immediately.

Our main priority is the safety of our Campers.

                                                                                  Have a Good Night, 
                                                                                                      — The Founders

■ Name: Hálma Kolrdotter
■ Species: Valkyrie
■ Age: 19
■ Danger Level: 8
■ Took On The Appearance Of: Lyndsy Fonseca

The Truth Behind The Myth

For decades before humankind was born, the Valkyries existed. One of these Valkyries was known as Sváfa, daughter of King Eylimi. Sváfa was beautiful, and this fact did not escape the son of King Hjörvarðr. Although this man had no name, Sváfa gave him a name — Helgi. It did not take long for the two to fall in love, and as time went by and they fought side by side, Helgi asked King Eylimi for his daughter’s hand in marriage; to which he agreed. Once they were wed, Helgi returned to battle while Sváfa remained with her father.

It was not until Helgi’s companion, Sigarr, returned alone that Sváfa realized that something was terribly wrong. She and Sigarr both rushed to reach Helgi, but they knew that it was too late to save her husband whom had received a mortal wound in battle. They reached him just in time, and just before he could pass away Helgi asked for Sváfa to marry his brother. She agreed, but this was not the last time that Sváfa and Helgi would be together.

Sváfa was reincarnated as Sigrún and Helgi as Helgi Hundingsbane. And again as Kára and Helgi Haddingjaskati. And again. And again. Each reincarnation seemed like a curse, as they all ended in the tragic death of one of or both of the lovers.

It was not until the Valkyrie was told by Odin himself that she knew of this unfortunate situation. But by then she was already Hálma, daughter of King Korl.

Hálma had always been a wild spirit, always choosing to enter a battle reckless and unprepared. She chose to use her talents above strategy, never stopping to think of what would happen if she miscalculated and lost. She thought nothing of Odin’s warnings which told her to tread carefully, unbelieving of the fact that it would be love that would eventually be her downfall.  

That was, until she met the Warrior known as Helgi.

The Valkyrie was so stunned by the feelings that overcame her, but upon learning his name she found that she was repulsed; repulsed by the feelings that wished for her to get closer to the man, repulsed by how hard she had to resist to try and stay away from him. And it did not help that he was so desperate to get close to her as well, for everywhere she went he seemed to be there waiting for her and seeming to be the only thing that mattered in her life.

She did not wish to die a tragic death, and she did not wish to have to survive with the knowledge that he would die as well and she would be able to do nothing to stop it. So when he asked for her to marry him, the Valkyrie could not have rejected the offer and quicker. She was heartbroken, and so was he, for she could not stand the sight of him in those next few days to come.

When the opportunity arose that would allow her to leave everything she knew behind, the chance for something different and a chance to escape her destiny, Hálma could only beg for her father to allow her to go. Although the man was reluctant, it did not take much for him to see that Hálma was miserable there.


■ Courageous 
■ Clever
■ Respectful
■ Reckless
■ Indecisive
■ Selfish

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